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Parasitology online
Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, Acta Tropica, International Journal for Parasitology, Parasitology International, Veterinary Parasitology, Trends in Parasitology

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Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 875
J Bacteriol - Journal of Bacteriology
ASM journal articles are free at PubMed Central 4 months after
publication for the primary-research journals and 1 year after publication for the
review journals.
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 902
J Immunol - The Journal of Immunology
Since 1998, when The JI went online, AAI has provided free public access to abstracts of all manuscripts immediately upon publication and free public access to the full text of all articles – not just those supported by NIH funding – within 12 months of their publication date.** These articles are available online as part of the archive residing at HighWire Press, the world’s largest repository of more than 850,000 free full-text life science articles, with extensive search capabilities, cross-linking, and additional features not available through PubMed Central.
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 849
J Infect Dis - The Journal of Infectious Diseases
Full text versions of available issues of the Journal of Infectious Diseases Electronic Edition begin with Volume 178, number 5 (November 1998). Access to the full text of the past year's issues is restricted to institutional and individual subscribers; prior issues are freely accessible to everyone.
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 704
JAMA & archives
Journals of the American Medical Association includes several journals, some but unfortunately not all fulltext articles are free
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 932
JSTD - Journal of Spirochetal and Tick-borne Diseases archive
Founded in 1994 a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to all tick-spread and spirochetal disorders.
All JSTD articles was for a couple of years being presented online in full text at the MedScape website, however this ended (and it seems also the journal itself stopped publishing?) in 2002 giving us no explanation why?!
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 768
J Clin Microbiol - Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 840
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry and Practical Neurology
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 765
MMWR - Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 790
NEJM - New England Journal of Medicine
After free registration some some artciles are for free download; your registration name / ID will be printed on the downloaded PDF!
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 702
PNAS - Procceedings of the National Acadademy of Sciences of the United States of America
Authors of research articles may pay a surcharge ... to make their paper freely available through the PNAS open access option. ... All articles are free online after 6 months.
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 754
Am J Psychiatry - The American Journal of Psychiatry
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 719
EMBO - The EMBO Journal
Only a sample issue is free
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 740
J Biol Chem - The Journal of Biological Chemistry
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 803
Date Added: 14.12.06 Visits: 769
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