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Links: Treatment
Udo's Oil Blend
the right blend of Omega3 and Omega-6 oils is important for immune function
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1486
Drug database
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1503
Probiotic homepage
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1493
Dr. Zhang
Combine Western and chinese Medicine for treatment of infections
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1825
Burrascano / ILADS - diagnostic hints and treatment guideline 14 ed.
14th edition - Nov. 2002
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1223
Burrascano / ILADS - diagnostic hints and treatment guideline 13 ed.
Burrascano May 2000
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1765
Burrascano / ILADS - diagnostic hints and treatment guideline 15 ed.
September 2005
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1330
ILADS Guidelines for the management of Lyme disease
November 1st, 2006
Evidence-based guidelines for the management of Lyme disease
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1377
AIDS and the "Selenium-CD4 T Cell Tailspin" The Geography of a Pandemic
Foster HD. AIDS and the "Selenium-CD4 T Cell Tailspin" The Geography of a Pandemic. Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients - december 2000: 94-99. Excerpt.
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1330
TransferFactorImmunity (Yahoo group)
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1364
Transfer Factor Information
The use of transfer factor represents one of the most exciting advances in immune system health. Transfer factor is based on the theory that key immune information can be transferred from cell to cell. .....
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1629
Super Immune Milk - transfer factor
Here is where you can learn about Super Immune Milk -- the milk in a capsule which gives your body immunity from many diseases. This could be called super colostrum. "Colostrum" is the name given to the milk from a mother (cow, human or other) during the first several days after giving birth. .....
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1351
Homepage of Julian Robinson - a ME/CFS pt. experience with transfer factor
A report from a ME/CFS patient on effect of Transfer factor treatment
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1269
IDSA GUIDELINES for diagnosis and treatment of tickborne infections
The Clinical Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Lyme Disease, Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis, and Babesiosis: Clinical Practice Guidelines by the Infectious Diseases Society of America.
Wormser et al. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2006;43:1089-1134
ILADS has demanded a retraction of these guidelines.
"ILADS is requesting retraction of the Lyme guidelines article because the authors of the article employed exclusionary data selection that substantially biased the resulting diagnosis and treatment recommendations while ignoring opposing or dissenting views about these recommendations. As with research articles tainted by data selection, the Lyme guidelines article threatens to harm patients and patient care due to the biased methodology used by the authors, and this threat can only be avoided by formal retraction of the article." ...
"The attached analysis of key points in the Lyme guidelines article demonstrates that the authors of the article made statements that either reflected significant selection bias of published data or ignored published evidence that conflicted with their opinions." ...
"It is disturbing that ten of the central recommendations in the guidelines are supported by evidence ranked E-III—that is, “very strong” recommendations based on the weakest level of evidence—opinion. In light of the controversy surrounding Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment and our evolving understanding of the disease, it is inappropriate to dictate medical care based on such weak evidence." ...
"Although the Lyme guidelines article boasts 405 references, many of the dissenting references are either glossed over or ignored in the text. In addition, as of the date of publication of the Lyme guidelines article there were 18,537 articles about tick-borne diseases listed on Medline, so the referenced articles represent only 2% of the available literature. The remaining 98% of these articles often present opposing or conflicting views of Lyme disease, and thus the data selection by the authors is even more striking." ...
"The IDSA’s “one-size fits all” approach to Lyme diagnosis and treatment will result in the misdiagnosis and denial of care of many thousands of patients a year, creating a public health burden as many of these patients become chronically ill and disabled."
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1255
EUCALB - treatment guideline for Borreliosis
European Union Concerted Action on Lyme Borreliosis
Date Added: 15.12.06 Visits: 1251


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