Launcing of the new website
Posted by marie_kroun on 17-12-2006 13:54:47
All LINKS and files have now been transferred from the Yahoogroup LymeRICK.
Previous messages will NOT be transferred from the Yahoogroup, since correspondence in the LymeRICK group ceased in 2001 shortly after creation of the ILADS Yahoogroup (only for ILADS members), because I found no need for two groups discussing the same issues and I wanted to encourage people to join ILADS - which I still recommend of course.

If YOU are able to PROVIDE scientific information / Internet ressources or write reviews on certains topics regarding TICK BORNE INFECTIONs and everything RELATED i.e. immunology, similar infections but transmitted otherwise ...
and YOU want to co-work with me on improving this ressource website on TICKBORNE INFECTIONS, you are very wellcome.
Please send me your data, CV and other - for evaluation - necessary information to me (use the Contact me link at left); you can specify your wanted nickname and password - then I'll send you your login information! / kind regards Marie Kroun, MD