Alan MacDonald's answer to why so many pictures and so little text on his website:

"I am hospital pathologist by trade and my world is microscopic images.
Daily I diagnose health and disease based on the image profiles from surgically
removed tissues and blood smears and microbiology specimens.
In my research, which I do at might or on the weekends as energy permits,
I interpret images from diseased tissues.

In hospital pathology, there are many texts which illustrate the image profiles
of tumors and other medical diseases.
Some of the reference materials do not provide a “perfect” image match to
an Individual patient situation.
New Lessons which come from patients which do not “match” the published
image archive are the subject of “case reports” which enrich and expand the
knowledge “contained in Textbooks”.

Many of the Images of ”spirochetes” in textbooks demonstrate only the
“perfect corkscrew” profile — leading a reader to “doubt’ the legitimacy of
cystic or granular forms and the reject cell wall deficient ‘LForms”

My Website is an effort to Educate visitors about the “forgotten” spirochetal
forms which are Really Borrelia and which exist in diseased tissues."